MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman who cares for her three disabled uncles had a tree fall on her home during a storm; her friend stepped up to help.

On Saturday, April 15th, the area was experiencing bad weather. Erical Brooks wanted to help a family affected by the storm. “One of my friends posted online that her family had a tree fall on their home, and they didn’t have the money to repair it,” says Brooks

To make matters worse, Brooks says, “She has three disabled uncles in the home, and one has Down syndrome.”

News Channel 3, with the help of our anonymous donors, surprised Karla with $1,000 to help her cover some of the repairs. 

Karla was grateful for the donation and recounted the night of the storm. “The wind was real high, and the rain– a lot of rain. By the grace of God, where it fell is where my uncle with Down syndrome sleeps. It didn’t come through the ceiling.  It damaged it, but it didn’t break through.”

Karla says this won’t be a cheap fix. “We’ve gotten several estimates. We don’t have any insurance, so we’re doing a fundraiser Saturday.”

Because Karla is the caregiver for her three disabled uncles, this burden falls on her. “It’s kind of hard. I’m trying to take care of my home, work and them too.”

Our $1,000 donation will certainly help, but Karla and her uncles could really use someone to step up and take care of that tree and make some house repairs as well.