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The people we work with can become like second a second family.  We see them day after day.  So, when a coworker at a local Walmart lost her husband, one woman knew she had to do something to help.

These days practically anything you need can be found at your local Walmart store, even prescription eyeglasses. 

Yolonda Newkirk at the vision center and has been concerned about one of her coworkers.

Yolanda told us about her coworker, “[H]er name is Miss Vera.  And she lost her husband last month.  And she’s really not doing well with it, the loss.”

“She feels really lonely and I want her to know, we got her,” Yolanda said. “We got her back. I just wanted to do something special for her to let her know.”

Plus, it’s been tough financially.

“Financial struggles for sure, missing work,” Yolanda told Tim. “She had to come right back to work.  And so, she’s having a hard time with work.”

It sounds like Vera could use a little encouragement. Instead of traveling to find Vera, she’s coming to us at the park. 

So Yolanda, her husband Marquis and I hide out of sight until she arrives.

We tried a couple of times to reach Vera by phone, and in just a few moments, we spot her driving into the parking lot.

At first Vera was hesitant, even a little embarrassed. She quickly realized that this is about the kindness of her coworker.

Now that we’re over the embarrassment, Vera is very touched by the $1,000 donation.

“Thank you so much, thank you so much,” Vera said. “It makes me feel so good inside that there are good people out there.”

Vera’s husband passed just seven weeks ago. She told us, “[I]t has been tough, but you know, you have to keep on going and I have good people all around me and family. So, I appreciate everything they do for me.”

“I miss him and he knows that I miss him,” Vera said.
“But you have got some wonderful memories,” Tim said.

“I do, I’m always going to have those. I have his ring with mine,” Vera said.

It’s a difficult road for Vera but she is surrounded by friends, family and coworkers who are looking out for her.