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A Millington woman survived COVID-19, but she is now struggling to survive financially. Tim Simpson is here to help.

Two hundred dollars won’t buy much of a car, but it was the only option for Regina Vandiver, a COVID survivor. 

Our playmaker, Tina Riley, told us more, “well my friend Regina, she does DoorDash and a few months ago she had COVID, and she couldn’t work then, and then she went back to work and had a car accident.  They totaled out her car and only gave her 400 dollars for the vehicle so she’s been unable to work, pay her rent, utilities and she’s been pretty much stuck at home.”

That’s where the 200 dollar car comes in.  Tina’s friend, Regina, was desperate for transportation so she could work.

Tina makes a quick call to Regina to make sure she’s home, “Hey Regina! I’m about five minutes away from your house.” 

We don’t waste any time.  Tina loads up and we follow her to Regina’s house.

Before you could blink, Tina is counting out that cash, “What we’re going to do is, hold out your hand,” Tina said. “Here’s one, two, three hundred dollars from News Channel 3.”

Tina keeps counting, “700 dollars from the anonymous donor.”

Regina tells me what’s been going on lately, “a couple of years ago the man I was with for years just kind of left me here here behind the bills, and then COVID hit. I get disability. I have COPD. I started door dashing but I couldn’t get caught up.”

Regina continued, “my lease is up in January but I got behind again because of my car wreck. And I’m being evicted. Gotta go to court tomorrow actually.”

It’s an uphill battle for sure, but Regina is thankful for her friend Tina and this pass it on surprise.

“This is going to help a lot,” Regina said.