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Cordova woman with a heart of gold gets Pass It On surprise

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CORDOVA, Tenn. — Hazel Hendricks has a heart of gold and loves to bless all of those around her. Sandy Hale has been on the receiving end of her kindness.

“She helps take care of my mom who’s 93. And she loves to spoil anyone she comes in contact with. She has a passion to make everyone she sees happy. She wants to make sure they’re fed,” she told WREG’s Tim Simpson.

“She cooks food and then she gives it all away. This is her food that she brings with her.”

“She helps a ton of people wherever she goes. No matter where she goes.”

She does this all while tackling her own health problems.

“Well I’ve got the Pass It On baton. We are loaded! Are you ready to go Pass It On to Hazel?”


Sandy led our team to her mother’s house and explained why everyone was there.

“Hazel, you know we love you and you’ve been here almost five years. And I told Tim about your own food bank that you keep in the car. Cause you cook for everybody and you give it away.

Tim then held out the Pass It On baton.

“If you’ll just take the end of that baton and slowly pull it toward you. There is $300 from News Channel 3 plus $700 from our anonymous donors for a total of $1,000.”

“Oh are you kidding me?”

“I’m not kidding! I’m serious as a heart attack.”

“Thank you Jesus! Oh my goodness. I can’t even hug yall, can I? Thank you Jesus, Lord have mercy.”

Hazel was thankful.

“This is a blessing from God.”

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