MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Cordova woman known for her kindness to others is having some major car issues.

Finding the right daycare for your children can be a real challenge. But some parents who found Mrs. Katherine Williams count themselves fortunate. Our playmaker Danielle Reid is one of them.

“I met Mrs. Katherine, it had to be in November of 2021. And like a lot of people, I was looking for someone to help watch my kids,” said Danielle. “Trying to find a nanny, went through all kinds of things, and one of my friends that works at St. Jude was like ‘I know someone who can help you and she’s in the area, not too far from you’ and I said ok.”

For Danielle, Mrs. Katherine was a perfect fit.

“She’s been like a part of my family,” she said. “She’s really impacted a lot of families in the Cordova area.”

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But recently Katherine has encountered a major problem.

“Like a lot of us going through things, you know, she has some car troubles. She had to put her vehicle in the shop, but in the midst of that, she’s had to pay for a rental out of pocket,” Danielle explained.

We didn’t waste a moment and went on a very short drive to find Katherine. Once we arrived, she had no clue what was happening.

“You do so much for everyone else. Thank you,” Danielle told Katherine.

Danielle counted out $1,000 from News Channel 3 and our anonymous donors plus she chipped in an extra $500.

“It will help a lot, a whole lot! And I thank you, Danielle, so much,” Katherine said.

Katherine told us she has been using a rental car because her truck has been in the shop since April 3.

“The truck has been at the dealership for two months,” she said. “They said because of Covid, the parts are all on delay.”

In the meantime, this financial gift will help pay for the rental car.