MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman is struggling financially after being injured in a car crash that killed her child. In this week’s Pass It On, her friend cared enough to reach out to Tim Simpson for help.

Kenyatta Thomas is having a tough time sorting out the events of her recent car wreck. Her friend Rose Simmons explained what happened.

“This friend… she’s almost homeless.  And she’s in a state of depression. She lost her child a few months ago,” Rose told us. “She was involved in a head-on collision. She had her two children in the car.  She was on her way home from the store and a couple were fighting and they smacked into her head on.  Her child was in a coma for a few days, then a few days later she died.”

Plus Kenyatta has been out of work due to the injuries she suffered.

“She was a fork lift driver for Amazon but now she’s not able to stand on her legs very long,” Rose said.

Rose has a heart for those in need because at one point in her life someone told her something she’ll never forget.

“That I needed help when I didn’t know how bad off I was,” Rose said.  “And she took me to a place to help me recover from drugs and alcohol.”

Rose has been sober for years and now wants to help someone else in need.

So, we started out on our short journey to find Kenyatta. Once at her apartment complex, Rose locates her and tells her what’s up.

“When I saw you asking for help, I contacted News Channel 3, Pass It On, and they gave me a thousand dollars to give to you to pay your rent. You’re gonna make me cry,” Rose said.

Kenyatta was very touched and recalled what happened in that wreck.

“I lost my one year old daughter.  Well, she was going to be one in September and I had her funeral on her birthday,” she said. “I had a broken hip and a punctured lung so I’ve got like 8 screws and a plate in my leg.”

Which is why Kenyatta has not been able to return to work.

Fortunately, her son suffered only minor injuries, plus she has friends like Rose to help her through these tough times.