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Caregiver in need gets Pass It On surprise

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Roz Martin and Nicole Bowen have known each other for more than 25 years, but recently when their paths crossed, Roz noticed something.

“Every time I see her she’s always with her mom,” she explained.

Nicole’s mom has some challenges.

“Just recently I had seen her at a classmate’s funeral with her mother just a few months ago. And then on Thanksgiving Day she made an incredible post about how that COVID had stopped her and her mother from visiting others, but someone was so sweet and had ordered her and her mom a meal, as long as she could provide a way to go and get it,” Roz said.

Roz and her family delivered that meal and got to visit with Nicole. That’s when she found out why the two women are basically inseperable.

“Her mother’s health has declined,” Roz said. “She has blindness and dementia and just some ailing and things of that nature going on.”

“So she’s caregiving for her mother?” asked Tim Simpson.

“Yes, absolutely.”

Nicole is committed to taking care of her mother, but it has come at a high cost. She’s been unemployed for years.

The pair met Nicole and her mother in Downtown Memphis for the Pass It On Surprise. She received $300 from News Channel 3 plus $700 from our anonymous donors.

Nicole was truly touched.

“Thank yall so much. This is a blessing and I really appreicate it. Thank you for thinking of me,” she said.

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