MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The COVID pandemic turned the world upside down, but for one Memphis woman, the pandemic redirected her life.  

Nancy Apple is a musician, and her life has been music. She is a singer-songwriter and used to teach songwriting at the University of Memphis.

She collects and decorates guitars. Her nickname, Cadillac Cowgirl, is even painted on a building.  

But when her husband bought a building just off Lamar, Nancy was moved by what she observed.

“It’s in a neighborhood that’s pretty economically depressed,” she said.

There are great needs here, so Nancy set up this table to offer food and clothing. She started posting on Facebook and that got the attention of Kim Wilson.

“Nancy, every day puts out food, clothing, hygienic items, toys, for people in need. I watch her. I follow her every day,” Kim said.

Kim has never met Nancy, but is touched by her Facebook posts and wants to help. 

So Tim Simpson passed on $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from our anonymous donors for $1,000. 

As Kim counted out the cash, Nancy was simply overwhelmed

Nancy is providing food and clothing at this table, trying to help those in need. People in the neighborhood can simply walk up and take what they need.  

All of this has occurred because of COVID.

“Ya know, I haven’t been working a lot during the pandemic,” Nancy said. “It’s just a good feeling, as horrible as everything is, it just kind makes things a little brighter.”