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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Living up to the Boy Scout oath, a local scout leader named Mike Abramovitz has found himself trying to do his best after a thief stole his lawn business equipment. Lucky for him he has a friend like Dawn Scott who cared enough to contact WREG’s Tim Simpson for Pass It On.  

“He’s a friend from our Scout troop,” Scott said. “He’s got three boys and we’ve got three boys, and he’s taught a lot of kids how to do some stuff. He’s hauled trailers and gone to camps and help people out in a bind.” 

But recently he found himself in a bind.  

“His work truck and his trailer with all his equipment on it got stolen out of a parking lot,” Scott explained.  

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In order to keep going and deliver for his clients, Abramovitz borrowed some lawn equipment and even had to purchase some more, using up most of his expendable cash.  

 “I just thought, you know, this would be nice to do, and he would never ask for help,” said Scott.  

Sounds like a good time to Pass It On! The pair found Abramovitz hard at work on a client’s lawn and Scott quickly explained what was going on.  

“So, we’re going to help with some equipment here,” she said handing him $300 from News Channel 3, $700 from our anonymous donors and another $100 from her own pocket.  

 “We love you Mr. Mike and our boys love you; all of our staff love you,” Scott said. “I just thought this would be a great thing for you.” 

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 Abramovitz was thankful for his scouting family.  

“I’ve got three boys that are Eagle scouts. She has three boys that are Eagle scouts and I enjoy working with the boys,” he said.  

Matter of fact, his business is called Eagle Landscaping.  

“Boys work for me normally their last year of high school and then they go off to college,” he said. “So, the name is in honor of those boys and just to think that they would think of me in this time, I just appreciate it.”