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Boy caught in crossfire receives Pass It On surprise

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — “My son has a hole in his back.”

Our Manhunt Monday story on December 9 featured the story of a nine-year-old Cedric Nesby Jr. After leaving a local convenience store, his father noticed a car following them.

“Next thing I know the car pulls up beside me and shot my car.”

His son was hit in the back and paralyzed from the waist down. He’s fortunate to be alive.

Antonio Avant and his friends have a connection with Cedric.

“He was actually a student of Nathaniel Crawford here. Nathaniel brought it before our committee at Omega Psi Phi chapter and Commodor Promus and brother James Waller were on the committee.”

They were determined to help in any way they could.

“Right now he’s currently being home schooled because of his condition, but hopefully, eventually he’ll be able to come back to school where he’ll be here with the rest of his peers.”

In a surprise twist, the playmakers had a surprise for Tim Simpson.

After handing over $300 from an anonymous donor and $300 from WREG, he was told the guys had their own money they wanted to contribute.

“We have $1,100 that we want to pass along.”

“I usually know about these things, but I didn’t know about this.”

Time to Pass It On!

When they arrived at Cedric’s home he was busy doing his school work. His teacher, Nathaniel, counted out the money.

It was good to see Cedric, and his family, smile.

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