MEMPHIS, Tenn. — They say good fences make good neighbors. In this week’s pass it on, Tim Simpson doesn’t notice any fences, but does see a lot of kindness.

Dorthea Jackson lives just off Coro Lake in the Whitehaven area. Her neighbor is going through some difficult times and she wanted to help.

“Her name is Grace Dance and she worked at Walmart but she had to retire,” Dorthea told us. “A couple of weeks ago, she had a stroke. She was in the home alone. She woke up enough to let the fire department in.” 

Grace is now recovering from the stroke, and due to have a pacemaker installed.

But, here’s something you need to know about these neighbors.

“My foster children almost live in her home,” Dorthea said.  

That’s right, Dorthea has foster children and her neighbor Grace is a big help.

“They cannot come in and out without running and giving Gracie a hug or checking to see if Gracie is alright,” Dorthea said.

“I’ve got $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from our anonymous donors for a total of one thousand dollars. You think she’ll be encouraged by that?” Tim said.

It’s a very short drive to Dorthea’s neighborhood. 

Five minutes later, we knock at the door. It certainly gets the dog’s attention.

Then, we see Grace.

“You know how we love you, me and the boys and all the foster children,” Dorthea said. “I sent your name in [to] Channel 3 Pass It On and I have a thousand dollars for you.”

Dorthea counts out the cash, “seven, eight, nine, ten.”

It’s a very touching moment.

“Miss Gracie, how does that make you feel?” Dorthea said. 

“Good and well blessed,” Grace said.

Gracie tells us what she’s been dealing with, “My son passed away in April. Then, I had a stroke. They’re going to put in a pacemaker.”

The stroke has slowed grace down just a little bit, but with help from another son and with neighbors like Dorthea, her future is looking brighter.