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A child’s caring heart leads to a Pass It On surprise

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COLDWATER, Miss. — Emily Green is a kindergarten teacher at Coldwater Elementary School.

She quickly explained her behavior chart.

“Every day they start out on green, and if they end the day on green, they earn a dollar. If they have exceptional behavior they move to purple and they get $2 at the end of every day. On Fridays they spend it in the treasure box and there are some things like toys, sure, but there’s other things like lunch with the principal, extra recess, homework passes and things like that.”

But one little girl named India didn’t want anything for herself.

“They were having a conversation at lunch and I had just brought in some items for the treasure box, so they had all seen them. They were talking about how they wanted the toy car, the chap stick, the bubbles, and she just said she didn’t want any of that. She just wanted to save the money and give it to her mom. It’s going to make me tear up just thinking about it. So there are some needs there and she wanted to save up for her mother,” explained Green.

“Well we’re going to help you out today. This is a little bit different today because we actually have $600 worth of gift cards from our anonymous donor and News Channel 3,” said Tim Simpson.

“Are you ready to Pass It On?”

“I am.”

Just a few minutes later the cutest little girl that you’ve ever seen shows up while Simpson plays the waiting game. India’s mother was told she’s attending a parent-teacher meeting.

“Hey Taneisha, I’m Tim Simpson from Channel 3 in Memphis. How are you?”

India helped Pass It On.

“I’m just going to go ahead and give you that a Kroger gift card.”

Plus money donated by the school and a large frozen turkey for Christmas.

Taneisha was very thankful.

“God always makes a way. I mean really, I can’t don nothing but trust Him.”

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