MEMPHIS, Tenn. —   An elderly Frayser woman is working some long hours just to make ends meet. This week she gets a little extra help.

Range Hills Baptist Church serves the Frayser community of Memphis, and Pastor Malcolm Norris is always trying to help people in need.

“We have a neighbor that is a widowed lady. Her name is Linda Busch. She has two daughters and a granddaughter that lives with her in a little apartment next door to our church. She ran into some financial issues,” Norris said.

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The pastor said Busch caught covid twice, causing her to miss a lot of work and get behind on her bills.

“Her daughter, Lee Ann Wright, is somewhat challenged, but she came to our church and asked for prayer for her mom, and so we decided to team up and see what we could do to help her out,” Norris said.

WREG’s Tim Simpson teamed up with anonymous donors to give Busch $1,000. Together, Simpson and Pastor Norris walked across the church’s parking lot to find Linda and her family.

At first, Linda was a little hesitant, but she was thankful and explained what she’s been dealing with. “Last year, I had covid twice, with pneumonia, the omicron. Then it messed with my heart a little bit because I had AFib.”

Linda also told WREG about the long hours she works to provide. “I drive the engineers and conductors around for the railroad, taking them to their trains and hotels. I do it from 6 at night until 6 in the morning– twelve-hour shifts three nights a week.”

Linda may have had some financial and health challenges, but she’s not allergic to work.  She just needed a little help.