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A Memphis woman got a big surprise on her birthday, the gift of a new hot water heater. Her friends reached out to our Tim Simpson and he responded in kind.

The owner of a little home in Memphis has been missing something recently and some of her friends want to help. Tim met with Chejuana, Michael, Sybil and they told him about their friend Emily.

“Last year her hot water tank went out in her house. And it’s just her and her little puppy that’s practically like her child.  And she had been asking around for people to help her out to get her hot water tank fixed, but unfortunately it did not get fixed,” Chejuana told us.  

“So, we did not want her going into this next winter without a hot water tank. We just figured to call you guys and I never thought that I would get a call back from you all,” Chejuana told Tim.

Tim asked how long they’ve known Emily.

“We’ve been knowing Emily for years. Over ten years,” they said. “We first met her when she had her modeling school.  Yeah, that’s right. One of our grand-daughters tried to get into that and so that’s how we met Emily and we’ve connected with her ever since.”

She’s a long time friend with people looking out for her.

“She’s on a fixed income, water heater’s gone out, Chejuana told us. “She just needs some help.  She just needs some help, she do.”

Tim counts out the money from our donor, “300 dollars from News Channel 3 and 700 dollars from anonymous donors, 1000 dollars.”

We hit the road and just moments later, we’re at Emily’s house. Once we arrive, we wait for Emily to come out of house.

“I’m so excited I don’t know what to do,” Emily said.

I know what we can do, we can wait. That gave Michael time to fire up his Facebook live and share with friends.

“Amen, God blesses those, when we ask God to do something and help us to be a blessing to others, He does it,” Emily said.

Just in time for her birthday, Chejuana counts out the cash for Emily.

“Hot water is going to be flowing,” Emily said.

Emily is incredibly grateful, “I grew up watching channel 3 and still do and I just had my 72nd birthday so that means I’ve been watching y’all for 72 years. I never thought in all this time that y’all would do something like this for me.”

“I bet you no one has sung happy birthday to you today, have they?” Tim asked. Emily gets 1000 dollars for a new water heater and a special birthday song.

“I’ve never had a birthday like this,” Emily said.

We reached out to Choates, Heating, Air & Plumbing to follow and they were so kind to help. Emily bought the water heater, and they installed it free of charge.