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Pass It On returns to help kidney transplant patient

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — COVID-19 has taken many lives. Shutdowns have cost business trillions of dollars while people like Cheryl are simply trying to survive.

That’s where Latasha Peeples comes in.

“I decided back in May during my birthday month that I would help some people all over the city with essential items,” she said. “So it’s just been such a blessing to be able to do that, so each and every day I pull a name. I have people via Facebook or via Linked In to just give me names of people who need things.”

Once the needs are identified she starts giving out gift baskets full of tissue, paper towels, Lysol Spray, hand sanitizer and other items that have become essential during the pandemic.

Peeples has a heart of gold and she’s identified someone who could use our help.

“Miss Cheryl. I met her on May 2nd. She was one of my winners and she was very gracious. She was really happy to receive some of the items.”

She plans to surprise her with another basket and WREG’s Tim Simpson thought it best to join in on the fun.

“She’s going to get what I call the Pass It On Baton or Bazooka, and it’s got some money loaded in there. Are you ready to go Pass It On to Mrs. Cheryl?”

“I am so ready.”

They load up and make the drive across town.

“Surprise! How you doing?”

Peeples gets ready to pass on another basket.

“The first time I saw you, you inspired me and told me all the things that you were going through. Here is another basket for you.”

“Thank you so much. Oh my god. You know I’ve been through some stuff child, oh bless you.”

But there’s more!

“And we always hand out a little something with Pass It On, so if you would just very gently grab that at the end. We call this the Pass It On baton.”

It was $300 from News Channel 3 and $300 from an anonymous donor.

“Oh my god are you serious? I tell ya, I can hug her. Thank you so much!”

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