Pass It On: Helping a family friend in need

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WALLS, Miss. — Homes come in all sizes, shapes and colors. This guy, Shone, could use a house. For the past seven months he's been living in a car.

Our playmaker Felicia Brown tells Tim Simpson why.

"He had a car wreck about a year ago. He broke both of his hips," she said. "With the hip situation, him, his wife and his son--they lost their house. The woman sold their house right from under them. So he's been living in the car for eight or nine months. It's so hard on him that he sits in the driver's seat and he can't even move."

Even when Shone's wife got an apartment he still stayed in the car.

"It hurts him so bad to move."

Time to Pass It On!

They hit the road and soon found Shone for the big surprise.

"I know you," he said upon seeing Tim.

"That means you're watching the right station. Tim Simpson. How you doing?"

"I'm hurting."

Felicia has a soft spot for Shone as he was good friend to her mother.

"I know what you're going through. I know you're in pain. And I know how much my mom loved you so..."

Shone was overwhelmed as Felicia counted out the $300 from News Channel 3 and $300 from an anonymous donor.

How does Shone feel?

"It makes you feel good to know that somebody's thinking about you. I reached out to a lot of people, and there's a lot of folks that turned their back. It feels good to know that somebody's on your side."

If you would like to Pass It On, click here.


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