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Pass It On: A mother of five receives help

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —A mother is left on her own with five children.

She’s working hard to provide for her family. But times are hard tough, very tough.

Ashley Campbell had a good life. But just a few months ago, a major event changed everything. Our play maker David Eason tells us what happened.

“Richard Campbell, he passed away on November 15 – right before Thanksgiving,” Eason said. “It was just shocking. He was 38-years-old. No life insurance, five children. He was a great dad.”

Since Richard’s untimely death, Ashley has struggled.

“But she’s working. Yes, she works full-time. He did too. He was a hard worker. She’s battling diabetes. She’s just having a difficult time paying bills,” Eason said.

It’s time to “Pass It On.”

Tim Simpson is passing on $300 from WREG and an additional $400 from our anonymous donor.

Just down the street, we found the doctor’s officer where Ashley works.

Eason told Ashley why we were there.

“Richard did so much for the community and helped us all. Now we want to pass it on to you. So hold out your hand,” he said.

He counted out the cash from WREG and our anonymous donor. But there was another surprise.

Meet Jenny Nevils.

“It is my pleasure to be here representing the Baptist Foundation today. And because of the generosity of an anonymous donor, we have a check for an additional $1,000 for you,” she said.

“Wow,” Ashley responded. She was overwhelmed by kindness.

It’s been tough since her husband’s passing.

“It’s hard. Yeah. We’re just kind of taking it day by day. Finding a new normal.”

With friends like David and the help of co-workers at the Baptist Clinic, Ashley feels the love.

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