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Pass it On: A kind driver receives help

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In an emergency situation there is little time to think. You have to act, and act quickly.

At the intersection of Poplar and Danny Thomas in Memphis, it's busy and drivers have to be alert.

That wasn't the case just a few weeks ago.

Meet our play makers Tamika Bracy and her mother, Mertie Terrell.

"My mom went to pay some bills, and she stopped at the light. She took her insulin and all of her medicine and everything. She's diabetic. She stopped at the light and went into a diabetic coma at the light," Bracy said.

Char Freeman was in the car next to Mertie's and saw what was happening.

"She jumped out of her car, ran over to my mom's car, jumped in her window and stopped her car. My mom was paying her bills, so all her credit cards and money fell out. This young lady did not touch one dollar. She did not touch one credit card," Bracy said.

She did find Mertie's drivers licence so she could locate a family member.

"She went to Facebook. She typed in her last name. My baby sister still has my mom's last name. She's seen her picture and said it has to be her daughter. She started poking at her through Facebook," Bracy said.

It worked.

Bracey's younger sister was alerted of the situation.

"After that, that young lady that God sent stayed with out momma," she said. "To this day we are blessed, because we could have been planning her funeral this week."

Bracey and Terrell are blessed.

Now, they want to bless the angel named Char.

We are passing on $300 from WREG and an additional $400 from our anonymous donor.

Moments later we were at an apartment complex with a loud lawn mower.

We spotted our angel.

"You saved my momma's life," Bracey said.

She has a heart full of thankfulness, and the tears started flowing.

"Thank you Lord. You could have left me, but you didn't. You stayed right there with me," Terrell said.

It's time to 'Pass it On,' but Char is reluctant.

"She doesn't owe me anything," she said.

How does Char feel about the 'Pass it On' gift?

"She really didn't owe me anything. I've been telling her that since day one, because God's got me. I'm gonna be alright."


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