Parkway Village still cleaning up from October tornado, hoping storms pass


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As Memphis looks ahead to the threat of severe weather Friday night, one neighborhood is praying things don’t get any worse than they already are.

Parkway Village was rocked by a tornado more than two months ago, and many houses and buildings are still damaged. In October, an EF 1 tornado touched down, ripping a path more than a mile long, with winds more than 100 mph.

Several families can no longer live in their homes, while those still living there hope for the best.

Herbert Shaw lives in Parkway Village, and experienced the storm. Today a tarp still covers the roof of the rented home he lives in.

“There was a tree on top of the house,” he said. “They never did come back and fix it.”

His house is far from the only place fixed. Around him, multiple homes still have gaping holes and debris from the cleanup litters the sidewalk.

Friday night, there’s a new threat of high winds, heavy rain and flooding and Shaw says he’s concerned.

“I’m very worried about tonight. I had heard about what it’s gonna do,” Shaw said.

He knows with his home already damaged, things could get much worse.

“In the condition that it’s in, probably high winds might lift all the shingles off the house,” he said.

Shaw isn’t the only one waiting to see what happens overnight. Resident John Kindred said he’s hoping the storm will pass over.

“Watch and wait and get ready to move out,” Kindred said. “Pray for the best, that’s it, ya know? Hopefully it won’t be like it was.”

The Red Cross issued a warning Friday night, saying everyone should have an emergency preparedness kit and to be sure to follow all watches and warnings.

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