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(Collierville, TN) Parents are asking Sycamore Elementary School to expel a fifth grade student after he threatened to kill his classmates.

Jill Wiernik’s daughter was one of the names written on his hit list.

She said, “A note was passed to her she opened it up and it said death note. Her name was on it along with other students in the class.”

Wiernik says her 10-year-old came home panicked after school with news every parent is afraid to hear.

“She said he made a list of all the people he wanted dead on the note, and we went right to the principal’s office.”

Wiernik says the principal suspended the boy immediately.

She was happy to see they took the threat seriously, until Wednesday.

“She had a panic attack today at school because he’s been put back in the classroom.”

Wiernik and other parents are pleading with the Shelby County school board to send this boy to a different school.

They say this is the latest in a string of bad behavior, and he needs help.

After tragedies like Newtown, Wiernik says she doesn’t see this as an empty threat.

“It is so real these days. I don’t know how anyone could not take it serious,” Wiernik added.

WREG reached out to the principal of Sycamore Elementary to get further comment on this case, but she did not call us back.