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(MEMPHIS)   They knew him as McKenzie Sewell, number twenty-two, a new kid from New Orleans who was pretty good at shooting hoops and apparently telling stories

“it’s upsetting the boys formed a friendship with this guy they don’t even know. Do we even know that’s his real name?” asked one mother.

School officials confirmed the player in question “faked his transcript”. Students said he’s ineligible to play because he’s in his early twenty’s. Sources told us he was in a gang and skipped high school, later got his GED, but never fulfilled his dreams on the court.

“This is a criminal act as far as I’m concerned. They allowed a criminal in the school system around our children”, said Yvonne Pryor.

Parents are furious the school didn’t catch this and that the basketball team got kicked out of the tournament they worked all season for.

“It hurts them. Can you imagine?” asked James Muhammad.

It’s not their first tears. Last week one of their coaches, a minister, suddenly is found dead in his home, killed. Deputies are looking at everyone to try and find a suspect.

It’s all while attention is on number 22, someone they thought they knew — someone who’s stolen away their dreams and some parents say could have done even more.