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SENATOBIA, Miss. — WREG told you on Friday about a Senatobia day care accused of leaving a child alone in a parking lot. Peek-A-Boo Playschool is now under investigation by the state of Mississippi.

Since we reported that incident, several more troubling complaints have been brought to WREG by parents and former employees.

“He ran up to me and the side of his face was all scratched up and his eye was swelled,” said one mom who wants to remain anonymous.

She says her 2-year-old got scratches and marks on his face while at the Peek-A-Boo Playschool last year.

“What it was, was he fell on the concrete and they didn’t even call me or let me know.”

And she says that wasn’t the only time.

“He fell another time and he busted his lip. Do you think they called me or wrote out an incident report? No, they didn’t.”

She says she pulled her son out of the Senatobia day care after about two months of being there. She says along with the injuries, he would come home hungry, covered in dirt and got pink eye multiple times.

“They mix kids all the time, like school age and toddlers.”

A handful of other parents wrote WREG with similar stories.

“It doesn’t shock me at all.”

She says she also worked there for a short period of time and couldn’t believe what she witnessed.

“They even spank them. I’ve seen this with my own two eyes, they spank them.”

And says she watched an employee hit a kid in the head.

“Any time a child gets hurt, you have to report it to the state,” said owner Amye Durham.

The owner told us Friday’s incident where a kid was found left alone in the parking lot is the worst incident they’ve had.

“Just a couple of minor falls.”

And the owner disagrees with those who say otherwise.

“Ex-employees are always going to say something,” said Durham.

Peek-a-Book is currently in good standing with the state. That means it’s not on probation and doesn’t have a restricted license. But, the state is investigating.

The State Department of Health also says the facility had cameras installed about four months ago.

We’ve requested information regarding previous violations and possible suspensions at the day care and are still waiting to get that information back.