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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Just three weeks from Halloween, and already, many of you are spooked by a post you saw on Facebook.

It asked parents to beware of criminals sneaking drugs disguised as candy into your children’s trick-or-treat basket.

The post has been shared hundreds of thousands of times across the country.

“I really truly believe somebody would do that,” said Memphis mother of three, Porsha Tate, who saw the post the other day.

Law enforcement agencies across the country have caught people with ecstasy pills shaped like candy.

The CBS affiliate in Louisville reported a guy got busted last week for having ecstasy pills with Disney characters on them.

Shelby County Deputies never got back to WREG on whether it’s a trend they’ve seen, but doctors at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital said it’s not something on their radar.

“We haven’t seen that here at Le Bonheur. It goes back to when I was a kid. Everybody worried about that sort of thing, and I think parents have to remain vigilant,” said Chief Pediatrician Jon McCullers.

He advised parents to make sure kids don’t eat anything until they get home, and inspect the candy.

Throw away anything that’s homemade, liquid or open.

The Memphis Police also told WREG they have not heard anything about this, but would ask the Organized Crime Unit about it in the morning.