Parents concerned after teacher posts controversial comments online

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BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. — A Gosnell Elementary School teacher is getting some heat for a post she made on her Facebook page.

“Run their a** over and take them to jail,” the post said.

It was posted during Sunday’s Black Lives Matter protest in Memphis that shut down the I-40 bridge for hours.

“Y’all better thank the lord I’m not on the bridge because I would be shot acting a fool,” the post read.

In the comments, she said “If you are stupid enough to act like a fool on a bridge then your life doesn’t matter… So jump in the damn river and do us all a favor.”

“When you’re a teacher, you’re supposed to have grace. No matter what color your skin is, you have to have grace to even teach these babies,” said mother Michelle Turner.

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The post offered no apologies and said if anyone didn’t like it they could “delete” her.

Parents and staff members are now wanting to delete her name from the employee roster.

“I don’t want someone with hatred in their heart to be teaching my children,” said Turner.

School leaders said they know all about the post so WREG went to them for answers.

The school district wouldn’t release the teacher’s name or even confirm she works at the school.

They said all they information would need to come directly from the superintendent who’s out of the office.

The did say the post is being reviewed.

Concerned parents told WREG they have also filed an official complaint with the Arkansas Department of Education.

In an earlier version of this story, the Facebook post was misquoted and said “I would shoot” instead of “I would get shot.” We regret this error.

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