Parents complain about lack of permanent teachers at Southwind High

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Parents say it feels like there’s a revolving door of teachers at one Shelby County school.

They say getting teachers to stick around at Southwind High School is tricky.

One mother didn’t hold back when explaining how she heard about the disappearing teachers at her daughter’s school.

“She started out with a teacher, and then that teacher left. I think they got another teacher. Then that teacher left,” she said.

The mother says teachers have been coming and going.

She isn’t the only one ticked off by the changes.

A grandparent reached out to us complaining about the same thing. She said her granddaughter hasn’t had a permanent algebra, history, or science teacher since September 2018.

“Wow. Wow, that’s crazy,” Jerald Bailey, whose sister goes to Southwind High, said. “My sister needs those teachers. She’s about to graduate.”

After reaching out to Shelby County Schools we were told the positions were filled in the fall to start the year. But two algebra teachers unexpectedly resigned, and one teacher is out for personal reasons.

These parents want consistency in the classroom.

“Hopefully soon they’ll get it all worked out,” a parent said.

According to the district, the principal is close to filling at least two of the open positions for teachers.

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