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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis-area paramedic is fighting for her professional life after her license was suspended.

According to documents from the Tennessee Department of Health, April Cullers illegally used drugs multiple times and, on one occasion, the documents claim she was on the job.

State documents say Cullers was found asleep in her car while on duty with a private service last year. The documents say her door was open and when another employee woke her up Cullers had glassy eyes and slurred speech. According to the documents, Cullers was immediately screened for drugs and tested positive for cocaine.

This was the second incident involving Cullers and illegal drug use. According to the Department of Health, she was arrested for DUI and cocaine possession back in 2018 while on vacation in Oklahoma. Cullers was with the Memphis Fire Department at the time and state records show she tested positive for cocaine when she submitted to a drug screening several days later. She was suspended for 22 days without pay and went back to work after completing rehab.

Thomas Malone, president of the Memphis Firefighters Association, said being a paramedic can take its toll.

“Gruesome things that they see on a day to day basis,” Malone said, “And, unfortunately, we have things where people want to self medicate with drugs, alcohol or whatever because they don’t want anybody to know they’re having problems.”

State documents say Cullers admitted to all the allegations. So, WREG went to her Shelby County home twice to see if she had anything to say but no one answered the door either time.

Now, Cullers can only return to work if she enters into a state rehab program. She’d be on probation for at least three years and she’d be monitored the whole time.