MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Edge District in downtown Memphis got a major makeover Saturday from a group of artists and muralists from around the globe.

One hundred artists took part in the Ninth Annual Paint Memphis.

Paint Memphis is a one-day paint festival, but some artists started a few days early, and some will be painting through Monday.

“The cool thing about Paint Memphis is they let us paint whatever we want,” said Rich Ayers.

Rich Ayers is a traveling muralist from Detroit. He created a glowing mystical forest on a brick wall inside The Ravine Park off Union Avenue.

Mural by Rich Ayers

“We are beautifying spaces because they were boring. It’s nice to improve spaces. That is a lot of why I do this as a muralist,” Ayers said.

Becka Matthews is a local artist who got a jump start on her dancers mural in The Ravine.

Mural by Becka Matthews

Matthews said it was fun to watch the other artists work and turn the blank spaces into works of art.

“I love Memphis, and I’m always trying to convince people why it’s amazing, and art is a part of that. When there are murals all over the city, it draws people to it,” said Matthews.

Paint Memphis murals in The Ravine Park

The artists are hoping, little by little, that their paintbrushes and spray cans will touch every part of Memphis.

The work on the murals will continue on Sunday in Edge District. To donate to Paint Memphis, click right here.