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OXFORD, Miss. — The Oxford Police Department led the charge in an operation Friday that netted four arrests for prostitution, the department announced.

This undercover task force has been underway since winter 2014 when it started gathering initial information. Investigators have been working to connect a series of criminal events to electronic advertisements for prostitution.

“While four arrests may seem like a small number, citizens need to know that this specific criminal activity can be related back to domestic violence, assaults, robberies and illegal narcotic activity,” Oxford Chief of Police Joey East said in a statement. “It is not simply the exchange of money for sex.”

Oxford Police worked with the FBI, the Attorney General’s Office and the Oxford-Lafayette Metro Narcotics unit to make the arrests.

The Friday operation was only the first in an ongoing investigation, East said.

He said the investigation will continue “until I am confident that we have done our very best to ensure the safety of our citizens so that our town continues to be the family-friendly and retiree-attracting destination that is truly is.”