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OXFORD, Miss. — An Oxford police officer charged in the murder of a Mississippi mother of four has been terminated, Alderman Jason Bailey said. Bailey says The Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to fire Matthew Kinne during Tuesday night’s meeting. The chief of the Oxford Police Department said Kinne deserved no bond, and the department stood behind the family of the victim. “Matthew Kinne committed murder, and we do not want him out,” interim Chief Jeff McCutchen said, minutes after a court hearing that erupted in family members screaming on their way out the door. “We are with the Clayton family.” Kinne appeared before a judge Wednesday in Oxford. He is charged with murder in the death of Dominique Clayton, a 32-year-old mother whose body was found Sunday. MBI is investigating the case.
Circuit Court Judge Andy Howorth postponed a bond hearing until next week, but an exact date was not set.
Kinne will remain in jail until that bond hearing, the judge said.
“I asked Ms Kilpatrick to confer with the defendant about whether or not he wanted, he’s entitled to have a bond hearing  now and he was agreeable, apparently, to postponing that till a later date,” Howorth said. Once the court adjourned, however, family members in the hallway began screaming about the possibility that Kinne could receive bond in that hearing. “There is no justice for black people,” Clayton’s mother, Bessie Clayton, said outside the courthouse. “They allowed the killer to decide his bond.” She and Clayton’s aunt, Carolyn Clayton, claimed Kinne had been in a relationship with Clayton for more than a year before he allegedly killed her. “That man came though the bushes, while he was on duty and walked in behind my daughter’s home, put a bullet in the back of her god…n head and executed her,” Bessie Clayton said. Kinne’s attorney says the judge’s decision to postpone the bond hearing is not uncommon. “In this instance the judge is allowing us time to try and work it out. That’s “day in day out” criminal law,” attorney Tiffany Kilpatrick said. “That’s how most cases are handled. This case is no different, unfortunately, than any other case when it comes to the Constitutional rights of the defendant.”
Sources say Matthew Kinne worked at the Olive Branch Police Department for about five years and never had any disciplinary issues. He worked as a patrolman and than was promoted to detective. He left the Olive Branch Police Department in 2014.