Charges dropped against New Daisy Theatre owner

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UPDATE, July 26, 2019: Charges against Steve Adelman in this case were dropped.

Adelman released a statement saying that the allegations made to police concerning the event on Nov. 2, 2018 were “blatantly false and defamatory.” The person who made the allegations was involved in the event through a third-party promoter, according to his statement. Adelman said a civil suit will be filed in the matter.


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Few details are known about why New Daisy Theatre abruptly and mysteriously closed in December, but an owner’s legal troubles may shine a new light on the status of New Daisy.

Bands cancelled shows at the theater in December, saying the venue was closed, but the only sign of a closure were chain locks on the doors. The venue’s Beale Street neighbors were mum on the status of the nightclub.

Now, owner Steven Adelman is facing charges for writing almost $20,000 in bad checks to a promoter for a 2018 concert, according to Memphis Police.

Steven Adelman, 56

A concert promoting company told police they agreed with Adelman to host a concert at New Daisy in November 2018. Adelman allegedly wrote the promoters a check for $19,000, which bounced due to insufficient funds in the account.

The promoting company owners said they tried multiple times to get in contact with Adelman, but he never answered any of their letters or phone calls. The promoter told police he had similar problems with Adelman in the past, so he decided he wanted to pull the show from the venue.

When the promoters tried to pull the concert, police said Adelman threatened to sue them. So they wouldn’t get sued, the promoters went ahead with the show at New Daisy, according to a police affidavit.

On June 20, the promotion company owners provided a statement to Memphis police and identified Adelman as the man whose check for $19,000 bounced. They said he still had not paid them the money.

Adelman was arrested and is charged with theft of property $10,000 to $60,000 in value. He posted a $3,000 bond on Saturday.

Former employees of New Daisy previously told WREG they quit because of issues with their pay around the same time.

A DJ who played at the venue shortly before its closure said his last check from New Daisy also bounced.

Calls to Adelman by WREG were not returned.

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