Overnight fire destroys Parkway Village home


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An overnight fire destroyed everything in its path inside of a Parkway Village home.

Neighbors said the home belonged to, two adults and a toddler. The Memphis Fire Department responded to the fully engulfed home around 2 a.m. on Sunday.

Roughly thirty minutes later, the fire was out. Unfortunately, it was enough time to leave in its wake complete devastation.

Brenda Hands, who lives in the area, said she is grateful that the family that lives in the home made it out alive.

“Take nothing for granted and live every moment,” Hands said. “Thank God for covering, because when we are sleeping, He is still working.”

The home was burned to its studs from furniture as well as other precious keepsakes, gone in just a matter of moments. The family is now homeless, and having to start over.

The fire also threatened a neighboring home, as the heat melted some of the shingles. Fortunately, crews were able to stop the fire from spreading.

After searching for hours, neighbors still in their pajamas found one of the family’s two missing dogs. The dog, Rufus, was thirsty and hungry but otherwise, he is in good shape.

Meanwhile, Hands said things could have been worse, as she offers her neighbors in need, these comforting words.

“Your greater is coming. It’s going to happen,” Hands said.

Fire investigators said the total damages are estimated at more than $122,000. The cause of the fire is undetermined right now. The Red Cross was at the scene, assisting.

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