Otis Sanford: The president’s use of offensive language when speaking about immigrants is not acceptable

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Americans from Memphis to Minneapolis, Bakersfield to Brooklyn, should be disturbed and offended by clearly racist remarks that came directly from the lips of the U.S. president on Thursday.

The vulgar and demeaning comments from Donald Trump about immigrants from Haiti and certain African countries are just the latest example that we have a leader who constantly traffics in white nationalism - and outright bigotry.

Keep in mind that this presidency is still less than a year old. But from the moment he was sworn into office, the commander in chief has repeatedly shown an alarming level of ignorance - mixed with hate.

The fact that he would so angrily disparage immigrants of color while wishing we had more immigrants from Norway or perhaps other places in Europe speaks for itself.

What Trump does not understand or refuses to admit is that thousands of immigrants from African nations and even Haiti make huge contributions to the United States. But that`s beside the point, really.

The president continues to divide us by race, by class, and by geography.

He is content being president for less than 30 percent of the country. And we must push back. Not with the same hurtful and racially divisive rhetoric that he uses. But with inclusiveness and tolerance.

Simply stated, Donald Trump`s vision of America is laced with racism. That is not the America we want and that`s my point of view.

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