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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Orpheum has installed a nine-hole miniature golf course on its stage to bring people in the building and create a revenue stream during the pandemic.

“We are standing on the only Broadway-themed mini golf course that we know of in the world,” said CEO Brett Batterson.

Batterson said he thought of the idea in a moment of desperation, but soon realized it could actually work in coordination with Health Department coronavirus safety guidelines.

“We have an enormous amount of air. When you think of being indoors, you think of a small space. We have 75 feet above us and the whole house,” he said.

They also have sanitizer stations and the holes spaced more than six feet apart.

Groups of four or less can play by appointment only, totaling a maximum of 36 people on stage at a time.

Masks are required at all times.

Batterson said the theater’s stage hands built the course, giving them much-needed work.

Organizers also hoped reservations would provide the Orpheum with much-needed funding; Batterson said the historic theater is projecting a $2 million dollar loss this year.

Reservations are available Thursday through Sunday in 90-minute slots. Groups can play as much as they want during the 90-minute period.