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(Memphis) As always, the Memphis Grizzlies will be honoring a veteran at Game 4 versus the Oklahoma City Thunder.

But tonight’s veteran will be a part of Operation Warrior Wishes.

Operation Warrior Wishes started last fall as an attempt by a Chicago area father and son to make it to a game in all 32 NFL stadiums in one season.

“We got the schedule, started working on it and actually figured out a way that it could actually work,” said Craig Steichen.

Steichen and his son Matt decided to also take people to the games that needed and deserved to see their favorite teams in action, wounded veterans.

“We never ask questions. Our goal and our purpose in doing this is that this day is going to be one of the best day of our lives and they’ve told us that at the end of the day,” said Craig.

With donations and support from professional teams the father and son duo decided to not stop with the Super Bowl but continue with hockey, basketball and baseball games.

They’ve take 122 wounded veterans to games.

At tonight’s Memphis Grizzlies game the CPL Jeffery Williams will be honored.

Williams was in the Army on his first deployment when an IED blast left him paralyzed from the chest down, killing two of his battle buddies and another comrade with severe brain injury.

“When you have a bad day, think about that one day. We can’t save the world but we are trying to make a difference,” said Craig about their goals.

To learn more and donate to Operation Warrior Wishes you can go to .