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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police said they are investigating an elder abuse case involving a patient at a local nursing home after a horrifying discovery.

According to a police report, the elderly resident of Ashton Place on Walnut Grove Road went to the hospital after he started running a high fever. Hospital workers told investigators and a social worker they discovered five open wounds to different parts of his body and a bruise to his stomach during treatment. He also had severe dry skin that was “flaking off his body.”

But that wasn’t all they found.

The patient had previous health problems that led to his left foot and right leg being amputated. They found maggots inside the wound, according to police.

“Even the police got violently ill witnessing that,” the victim’s daughter said.

She said her sister first suspected something was wrong during a visit Sunday night. He had the fever and went to the hospital Monday.

As nurses were treating the individual, they discovered the staples had not been removed from his right leg and the bandages were labeled “October 7.”

Ambulance service employees also said they had found the man in feces.

“I’ve been in the medical field for a while and this is one of the worst I’ve ever witnessed and this is my father,” the victim’s daughter said. “It’s indicative he wasn’t getting basic care.”

WREG went to Ashton Place to get an explanation. The manager told WREG reporter Stacy Jacobson to wait outside for an interview. After waiting 30 minutes, the crew went back inside where the desk clerk said he was not coming out and had no comment.

The charge nurse at the care center told police the patient had refused care.

Memphis Police said they have not made any arrests.

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