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TIPTON COUNTY, Tenn. — Nearly 2,000 employees with the Tipton County School District want answers after finding out their personal tax information was compromised.

Sheriff`s deputies say someone with the school system sent out employee’s W-2s and other documents, possibly to a scam artist.

This breach was just reported two days ago and already, WREG’s Bridget Chapman learned at least one employee’s information has been compromised. We don’t know about the nearly two thousand others.

Multiple agencies are investigating the identity theft/phishing case, including the US Secret Service.

Tipton County educators filled a room in Munford on Wednesday, asking the questions about what happens next.

Attorney Jeff Ward hosted the meeting after many of them came to him.

“People [were] scared,” said Ward. “People freaked out not knowing what was going on.”

Ward said someone`s already filed taxes with one victim`s information.

Nearly 2,000 employees with the Tipton County School District found out their personal information was breached.

The Sheriff`s Office said a school employee got an email she thought was from the superintendent. It asked for all 2016 district employees` W-2s and other sensitive information. So, she sent them back.

“These people are rings,” said Ward. “They’re organized. This is not some petty criminals. These are people that know what they’re doing — very, very sophisticated.”

“Where do I begin?” asked substitute teacher Valerie Matlock. “What do I do? What do I need to do?”

Teachers say the school board provided them with a free year of identity and credit protection, but unfortunately, learned they could see an impact much later.

“They could just wait in the shadows and come and get you 5-7 years later like they were saying,” said Randy McKee who’s wife is a substitute teacher.

Leaving these employees with a message:

“Tipton county is a great school,” said Matlock. “I wouldn’t go anywhere else, but they need to take care of their people.”

Some of the substitute teachers said they had to hear about the breach from other employees, since subs are now subcontracted out by a different company.

Ward says he plans on trying to get more information from the Sheriff`s Office and school board on Thursday.

The board still has not said yet what will happen to the employee accused of sending out the information.