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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis police officer shot a man who may have hit him with a brick outside 201 Poplar Friday evening. MPD says the officer was walking to his car when he saw the man holding the brick. The officer asked what he was doing with it, and the man started yelling before lunging at the officer. The officer then pulled his gun and shot the man in the leg. “A brick can be used as a deadly weapon, and our officers are trained when someone uses something where they feel like they can take their life, they’re authorized to use deadly force,” MPD Director Toney Armstrong said. “This is a constant reminder there is no routine day for a police officer,” he added. The man, who is in custody, was taken in non-critical condition to Regional Medical Center. His condition was later changed to critical. The officer’s hand was injured, but he was not transported to the hospital. He has been relieved of duty, as is standard procedure. Police blocked Poplar from Third Street to Danny Thomas Boulevard for a short time Friday evening.