One-of-a-kind dog is getting media attention — and maybe a new home

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FLORIDA — A one-of-a-kind dog gained national headlines and possibly a new home after his story recently went viral.
Meet Sniffles, the loveable little dog who is noticeably missing his nose.

USA Today recently spoke with the Florida rescue that took him in. They said they believe Sniffles is originally from Puerto Rico, where he may have lost his nose in an attack. He then made his way to America where he was adopted.

On December 19, he was picked up by the shelter. Since then he’s been having a hard time being adopted out. He snorts and will have to have dental work to fix his teeth.

But despite everything, his story and sweet personality has touched hearts.

“He’s just a precious old man, everyone at the vet’s office has fallen in love with him,” said Michelle Wacker with Orange County Animal Services.

“He’s a healthy dog, he just looks a little funny.”

“This morning I woke up and he was at the edge of my bed, staring at me,” said his foster owner Genesis Diaz. “And he ran over and did a little twirl and started licking my face.”

In fact, he became so popular in his town that the local TV station, WESH, decided to feature him in a story.

As they say, the rest is history.

According to USA Today, the rescue has received messages from about 100 people asking if they could adopt the senior dog and give him his forever home. They said it’s only a matter of time before he finds the perfect match.

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