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(Memphis) Memphis Police say a 16-year-old teenager is dead, one is in custody and one on the loose after a home invasion in Memphis.

Police were called to the 4900 block of Copper Valley around 11am Friday.

Police say the homeowner was standing in the door with a shotgun and explained what happened to police.

A 16-year-old who was involved in the home invasion was taken to The MED and later died.

Two other people, Cory Burford, 20, and a 14-year-old were charged with Aggravated Burglary.

“I have never seen someone lying on the ground like that in my life,” said Stacy Day.

Day says she saw paramedics working on the teen as she headed to work.

Later, investigators came there to tag evidence.

“He should have been in jail today anyway and this never would have happened,” said Tammy Thomas.

Tammy Thomas says she knows the teen who was shot by the homeowner.

“He broke into my house and stole a 62″ TV and a 50″ TV,” she said.

She believes the three involved have been hitting-up homes around this Southeast neighborhood for months.

Tammy said the teen the homeowner shot was the same person who burglarized her home.

“I was trying to see if there was any way to work a deal out with him to get my grandma’s jewelry back,” said Thomas. “My grandmother is 81-years-old. I’ll probably never see that again.”

Police tell us the teen shot is under investigation for other burglaries in the area.

Police say one of the two charged actually ran back home after the crime to change his clothes, but officers found him hiding in the woods anyway.

Some people who live around here are praising the homeowner who shot one of the burglars, saying they would have done the same thing.

“I mean yeah, because if I’m at home and somebody breaks into my house, I’m going to defend myself,” said Wanda Vester, who lives down the street.