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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s a community known for its pride, and now Orange Mound has a new success to celebrate. My Cup of Tea is a new business that only hires women in the neighborhood.

The Women’s Resource Center, or “The House,” at the corner of Semmes and Carnes is a place where women in Orange Mound can connect to improve the quality of their lives.

“They can learn to cook a little more cleanly; they can learn to sew. We have a Bible study; we have fellowship.”

Now through their “Work for Life” and “Tea Life” programs, women can learn valuable work skills and possibly land a job in their community.

“What we’re doing is training women to specialize in the packing and the labeling and the distributing of imported tea.”

Imported tea might be the last thing you’d think of when you think of Orange Mound, but Moore said when the opportunity came to buy an existing tea company, she thought it would be perfect for the women at The House.

Bretta Calhoun is one of 11 women working for My Cup of Tea. Five more are currently in the three-month training program.

“Our tea is high tier, the very best tea. It comes from the Far East — Sri Lanka, China and India,” said Calhoun.

The tea is then shipped from Germany to Memphis in bulk.

It’s here the ladies get it ready for store shelves. They customize orders and label packages.

Bretta went to The House for Bible study.

She got the inspiration she was looking for, along job training and a job.

“We’re raising our children, we’re raising our grandchildren, so when you empower a woman, we empower the community.”

Empowering and uplifting the community one bag of tea at a time.

Learn more about My Cup of Tea on their website.