One shot near Hickory Hill wreck scene

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One victim was taken to Regional One in non-critical condition after a shooting Friday near Winchester and Mendenhall, police said.

The shooting happened around 5 p.m., near a wreck where one vehicle overturned. Police later said that the wreck and shooting were unrelated.

Quintina Frost was in the wreck.

“Oh, maybe like a Dukes of Hazard type thing,” she says.

She says a white car sped through a gas station parking lot and plowed into her car and other cars, causing a chain reaction involving four cars. She says the white car ended up flipping. Luckily, Frost is okay.

“Never thought something was going to happen today like this and not see it coming,” she says.

Antonio Robinson’s sister-in-law was in a smashed black car. He’s grateful she survived.

“So, looking at the car it’s a miracle … that she’s alive, that she’s okay,” Robinson says.

One woman’s car was also hit with her five month old baby girl in the backseat.

“When I got out the car just started cussing because my baby in the car. Y’all just hit me, so, everything went out the door. Now, I’m just really concerned about my baby at this point,” she told us.

Just minutes after the accident, a shooting victim reportedly walked up to police, only adding to an already chaotic situation.

“This guy comes walking up saying I got shot in my head,” Frost says.

Frost says the victim told police he’d been shot at a nearby apartment complex.

“He was holding like a pair of jeans against his head where he got shot at,” Frost says.

The victim was taken to the hospital but, amazingly, is expected to be okay.

“He didn’t seem like he was going to die but it could be serious. He got shot in the head,” Frost says.

No suspect information is available at this time.

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