Three easy ways to lower your car insurance

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(Memphis)   Prices at the pump aren't getting any cheaper, so neither is your ride on the road.

Searching for savings with your auto insurance is one way to offset those expenses and put money back into your pocket.

The hard part, is that information about discounts isn't always easy to find.

Doug Whiteman is an Insurance Analyst for

"We've found that often, the information about discounts can be somewhat scattered on the websites of the insurance companies," explains Whiteman.

Plus, agents don't always offer them up. Whiteman said, "You really have to be armed with this information and bring it to the attention of your insurance company."

Bankrate is hoping to make that search easier for consumers.  For the second year in a row, it's compiled a list of popular and sometimes overlooked car insurance discounts from the 10 biggest companies.

The On Your Side Investigators spotted three, new ones you may not be taking advantage of.

#1--Daytime running lights 

Four out of the 10 companies Bankrate surveyed offers the price cut for customers who have the feature.


Who knew that time in your college sorority or joining a professional association could score you a deal on car insurance?
Turns out, many organizations have affilations with insurers that rewards members.

#3--Low mileage

Whiteman says the less you drive, the more you save! "More insurers are offering you a discount if you drive 30 miles or less per day."

State Farm told Bankrate the low mileage discount alone could cut a customer's premium by 50%.

The downside is that drivers may have to install a gadget to monitor mileage, but it's worth asking.

Whiteman said, "The insurance company will believe you're less likely to become involved in an accident because you're not on the road as often as some other people might be."

Bundling is a popular discount and having a new car could save you money too. Whiteman says technology also pays.

"Often there are discounts for anti-theft devices if you have an alarm you can get a discount for that.

Some companies also offer discounts for what's called passive restraint, which includes airbags.

So, do yourself and your wallet a favor, get familiar with the discounts, talk to your insurer and don't be afraid to shop around.

Whiteman added, "If you get a good rate from one company, there's nothing saying you can't go to another and saying hey can you match this?"

Discounts vary by companies and sometimes that's due to state regulations.  It's a good practice to review your policy at least once a year.

Full chart from of auto insurance discounts

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