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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — September is Baby Safety Month and the Consumer Product Safety Commission just adopted new standards for infant bouncers.

The seats hold babies in a reclined position and allows them to bounce, but they are only intended for those up to six months old who have not developed the ability to sit up, the CPSC said.

The problem is that when the bouncers are used on an elevated surface like tables and counter tops, they increase the risk of the seat falling off or the kids falling out of them. In addition, when used on a soft elevated surface like a bed or sofa, there is a risk the baby could suffocate in the event the bouncer tips over.

From 2006 to 2016, the CPSC said there were 347 incidents related to bouncers including more than 50 injuries and a dozen fatalities.

The mandatory rules will require manufacturers to put labels on the front of the device to warn about falls and related head injuries. Federal regulators want restraints on bouncers to be used even if a child falls asleep.

In general, experts said you should always use a bouncer on the floor, and to stop use completely once the baby gets to be about 20 pounds or is able to sit up on his or her own.

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