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(Memphis)  We’ve all had a bad meal, delay in service or just overall, ugly experience. 

Years ago, that meant marching directly in front of management or calling up customer service. 

Today’s technology though puts griping right at consumers’ fingertips.

A quick scroll through your Twitter feed or Facebook page and you can’t miss it.
Consumers are constantly complaining about companies on social media.
“So I called the company management, they sent a manager out, two or three weeks later I went out, back to check it and it was the same problem, so I put it on my Facebook,” explains Sharon Strain of a problem she encountered with a retailer.

Experts say social media can be a powerful tool to express concerns about a business, but when you gripe, is anyone really listening? 

A recent American Express Survey shows while one in five Americans turn to social media first to complain, 70% of the complaints remain unanswered, and that’s on Twitter alone. But make no mistake, some companies are paying attention.

Many have employees that monitor mentions on Twitter, and of course lots have their own Facebook page. 

We conducted a little test by asking a few companies I follow on Twitter, how they respond to complaints on social media.

The first and only response so far was from Delta Airlines.

Within minutes I had a follow, plus Delta Assist asking for a direct message to describe my problem. Strain says more companies should do the same.

“It’s free, it’s for them, they can search on it, it’s easy to do and if people care enough to post something to their friends, it’s important.”

Experts say don’t forget to use a hash tag on Twitter so your comments will be searchable. 

They also encourage consumers to post positive comments as well, so they’re not seen as a whiner!

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