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(Memphis) A child was taken out of his foster home after police said they found large bruises and scars on his body.

The boy’s biological mother said she first reported the abuse to the Department of Child Services two years ago, but nothing was done until the child was taken to the hospital.

Rita Richmond said she lost custody of her children after a family member sexually abused one of them.

She said shortly after they were placed in a foster home, her son started being physically and verbally abused.

“My son came to me and said, ‘Mom, my foster parent whooped me,'” said Richmond.

Richmond said she told a social work what was happening for two years.

“They thought I was over-exaggerating, and my kids were telling stories,” said Richmond.

Richmond said during the holidays, she saw these bruises and scars on her son.

The mark was bigger than a tennis ball, so she took him to Le Bonheur.

“Upon social workers coming in, Memphis police came and crime scene came. They took pictures, and when they were there one officer looked at me and said, ‘What kind of person would do this to a child,'” said Richmond.

Memphis Police and DCS are both investigating.

In the meantime, the child is in a new foster home.

“I’m still upset, because now they want to investigate when I’ve been telling them all along that this lady has been doing things to my children. Now they want to investigate because MPD is involved, and I’ve contacted an attorney,” said Richmond.

Richmond’s attorney Walter Bailey said he is waiting on a call back from DCS.