Corie’s Baby Blog: On The Hunt For A Daycare

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It is truly an art form as much as selecting a pediatrician all the way down to picking the color for the nursery.

I joked with Thor the other day that there should be a reality show where cameras follow the parents around as they try to secure a daycare spot for their little sweet peas.

Who knew you needed to get on “the list” as soon as you knew you were trying to get pregnant or even at the first inkling you *think* you’re pregnant.

Forget calling your mom to tell her the great news … apparently the first phone call you should make is to numerous daycares to make sure you’re added to their list.

If you didn’t already know that little fun fact … now you do. :)

I believe the BEST focus groups are your friends.

Daycares rarely advertise.

They really don’t have to.

Word of mouth is everything to them so I started asking around.

I’m proud to be considered a soon to be working mom.

In the news recently the question was asked once again if women could have it all. 

Could we find the proper balance between a successful career and a happy family? 

I’m a realist.

I am a believer of function over form.

I don’t wear a watch because it looks pretty.

I wear a watch because it tells me the time & date.

I know that at some point something will have to give to make it all work. 

But my inner voice starts to speak and I hear it say yes.

I think we can have it all though having it all probably comes in spurts.

And I’m ok with that. :)

We have our names on 4 different daycare lists.

All 4 met our values, educational & creative standards as well as our healthy lifestyle & safety concerns.

Fingers crossed we got on their lists earlier enough but my mom always told me to have a plan B, C & D just in case.


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