Olive Branch neighbors clean up after flash flooding

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OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. — Residents in one Olive Branch subdivision are hoping the city will address an ongoing flooding problem in their neighborhood.

Tuesday’s heavy rain left some houses waterlogged in the Chateau Ridge neighborhood and some residents wondering what officials will do to stop the flooding.

Steven Campbell spent most of Wednesday putting his waterlogged furniture out for the trash.

“Everything’s been destroyed from all this water we’ve been receiving,” Campbell said.

He’s been finding very little in his Olive Branch home that was not touched by Tuesday morning’s flash flood, and he’s wondering why no one from the city has come by to see the damage firsthand.

“No one has been by to visit,” Campbell said. “We haven’t received any phone calls. We have yet to hear from anyone.”

Kevin Bailey’s house was also damaged by flood water that turned Chateau Road into a lake in a mater of minutes.

“I had probably about two feet, two and a half feet of water in my house,” Bailey said.

Bailey said this isn’t the first time.

“Hadn’t even been a good year that we had moved over here that this same thing happened, but it just wasn’t as bad as it was this last Tuesday,” he said.

WREG contacted the director of Olive Branch Public Works, who said the torrential down pour overwhelmed the drainage system in this low-lying area.

The director said crews were there Tuesday morning clearing storm drains as quickly as possible.

Water then flowed in from four different locations at higher elevation, something Bailey already painfully knows.

“And it comes down from the north side over here and flows into the middle of the area here and from neighborhoods that’s behind this one as well,” he said.

An Olive Branch city engineer sent WREG the following statement Wednesday afternoon about the flooding.

“We have had many citizens with flooding concerns after yesterday’s flash flood event.  We had several inches of rain in a short period of time that overwhelmed the design of many our drainage systems.  During and before the storm, we made a top priority to keep the drain inlets flowing in many locations throughout the city.  We are and have been looking into this particular situation along Chateau Road and evaluating the overall drainage system for this area which is not in a floodplain. The city routinely clears drainage structures from debris that builds up.”

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