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(Oxford, MS) – A walk of unity at the University of Mississippi after an angry protest at the school Tuesday night. Students organized a “We Are One Mississippi” candlelight walk.

They walked in pairs down the ‘Walk of Champions’ united as one.

“We’re standing together as one Mississippi but we’re walking across campus and it’s sort of a good metaphor of us moving forward together as a community,” Ole Miss student, Kaitlyn Barnes, said.

 With candles lighting the way students walked through the Grove,  the same spot where a mob of about 400 students gathered in an angry protest Tuesday night. They reportedly shouted racial slurs and burned an Obama campaign sign.

“It just makes me angry that we’re celebrating 50 years of integration yet people decided to be stupid last night and throw a fit over the election,” student, Jordan Price, said.

 “Last night was an instance of ignorance on campus rearing its ugly head,” Barnes said.

 “There’s no place for something like this in our school,” Student Mackenzie Widder said.

 Which is why students put this unity march together. Renee Ombaba was one of the organizers.

 “This will show the community that we stand together to change the image of Mississippi. they’re are stereotypes surrounding Mississippi,”  she said. “We wanted to show that we are a positive state an we’re willing to move forward.”

 A message delivered Tuesday night as a group of more than 600 students gathered to recite their campus creed.

“I believe in the respect and dignity of each person,” the group read aloud.

 They asked that the hateful words of a few not tarnish the image of so many.