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JACKSON, Ohio —  Authorities have revealed new information about the 7th grader who reportedly shot himself on a middle school campus in Ohio.

According to reports, the medical examiner said the 13 year old, Keith Simons of Jackson Township, died Wednesday from injuries sustained from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Local affiliate Fox 8 News reported Simons got off the bus around 7:50 a.m. Tuesday. He proceeded to the bathroom where he used a 22-caliber long gun to shoot himself.

In addition to the gun, officers also stated they found other items in his bag.

“We believe what we have found to be just some distractionary-type devices, but nothing anything that would be explosive that would have done harm to others,” an officer told the news outlet.

Earlier reports reportedly indicated the device was a bomb, but the police department said specifically it was not. Instead, he described it as something that would make noise, produce smoke or get your attention in other ways.

The rest of the school along with the boy’s home was searched.

Authorities have not revealed why they believe the young teen took his own life.

Schools were open on Wednesday, but parents had the option to keep their children home. Schools in the area were placed on lockdown after the shooting and students were released early to anxious parents waiting in the parking lot.

To ease their fears, extra patrols were requested for all the schools Wednesday. Counselors and other mental health professional were also called in.