Officials: Drunk driver hits pothole, slams into side of Raleigh apartment building

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police say a drunk driver is responsible for hitting a pothole, losing control and slamming into an apartment complex, narrowly missing those sleeping inside. WREG was told the driver, Ladino Wilks, was heading down Aux Arms Drive at the Lexington apartment complex early Wednesday morning when he hit a pothole and ran into a nearby building. Two people inside that unit were awakened by the crash. They were not hurt, but the impact did cause damage to the building. “We were just talking, and we heard something,” Calvin Mayo said. Seconds later, Mayo says their power went out. He says the impact happened “about two feet” from where he was sleeping. He’s been at the apartment complex for four years and says he’s always been concerned that something like this might happen. “Here it is, four years later. And guess what? It happens,” Mayo said. Police say the driver, Ladino Wilks, smelled like alcohol. His passenger also told officers Wilks had been drinking. Now he’s facing a list of charges. After the incident, Mayo says the complex is helping him out. “They gonna fix us up in another apartment, and we’re gonna be OK.” There were also reports that the vehicle caught on fire after the crash. Fire officials have not confirmed that information.  

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